Foggy Otis

Ukulele/ Singer-Songwriter

Foggy Otis

Foggy Otis plays ukulele. He found his way to the diminutive, four-stringed instrument after a life-threatening illness took away his ability to play guitar.  While many see the ukulele as a toy, a gimmick, a joke even, in Foggy’s hands it is truly an instrument capable of evoking a wide range of emotions and responses.

Approaching the ukulele from a perspective all his own, Foggy’s vocabulary ranges from delicately woven folk ballads to all out, fuzzed up rockers.

Having taught ukulele at Columbia-Greene Community College in Hudson, NY, Foggy currently resides in Connecticut where, in addition to teaching and performing he writes and produces tutorial videos for Ukulele magazine.

Uke on!

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