October 2, 2021

Asbury Park Homeowners’ Association
Announces Recipients of Donations from 5th Annual PorchFest event

The 5th Annual PorchFest event, which took place on October 2nd and attracted thousands of attendees, had a record-breaking finish. Asbury Park Homeowners’ Association (APHA), which hosts the event, is pleased to announce the recipients of proceeds raised from donations and merchandise sold at the 2021 event are: Asbury Park African-American Music Project (AP-AMP), Asbury Park Arts Council, Asbury Park Music Foundation, and Interfaith Neighbors.

This year over 110 musicians were featured on almost two dozen porches across the City. Homeowners donated the use of their porches and lawns for a huge audience that walked, biked, and drove around town to capture their favorite performers and to hear some new voices and musicians as well. Genres ranged from acoustic and electric folk, pop, and rock ‘n roll to Reggae, Broadway, and Hip Hop.

About the recipient organizations
The Asbury Park African-American Music Project (AP-AMP) celebrates the stories of Springwood Avenue in Asbury Park. The mission of AP-AMP is to share the music, cultural heritage, and stories of Springwood Avenue through oral histories, research, writing, and programs.
Asbury Park Arts Council (APAC) was established in 2019 under the guiding premise that the arts have been, and will continue to be, critical to the economic health and development of the City, APAC was formed to act as a bridge between the local arts community and the City of Asbury Park. The organization’s primary goal is to ensure the voice of the arts’ community is a part of municipal policymaking via the implementation of an Arts and Culture Plan within the City’s Master Plan.
The mission of Asbury Park Music Foundation (APMF) is to keep the Asbury Park music legacy alive by providing under-resourced youth with life-changing music education, helping the local music scene thrive, and uniting a diverse community through music. APMF provides music education scholarships and programs through local partnerships such as Lakehouse Music Academy and the Boys and Girls Clubs.
Interfaith Neighbors assists the less fortunate in meeting life’s necessities while seeking to improve the quality of life for individuals and families and the communities in which they live. Over the years, their services have grown to eight distinct programs: affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, SOAR, Meals on Wheels, rental and mortgage assistance, a business development center, and Kula Cafe and Kula Urban Farm. In addition to funding free meals for those AP residents in need. Interfaith also helps fund The Launch Center on Springwood Ave, which is a free resource helping people in Asbury Park with life coaching, career preparation, small business coaching and much more. Interfaith is also launching an early childhood learning center in the Southwest section of the city that will provide free educational care for 0-3 year-olds.

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PorchFest was founded in Ithaca, NY in September 2007 by neighbors Gretchen Hildreth and Lesley Greene. Over the years the concept of hosting performances on front porches, for an audience who moved from home to home, has grown with communities around the U.S. organizing PorchFests of all sizes. Asbury Park’s passionate connection to music, its beauty and camaraderie, and its beautiful porches make it an ideal town for our own annual PorchFest. 2021 is our 5th annual PorchFest!

This family-friendly, FREE event features musicians from a wide variety of genres. Afternoon entertainment will include dozens of performers on porches throughout the city. Attendees will stroll from porch to porch and relax on front lawns and sidewalks as they enjoy live, local talent. A Program Guide will be available and a map of porches and performers will be posted here.

This is a FREE event. AP PorchFest is completely coordinated by volunteers who believe in the power of music and understand that engagement builds strong communities. Show your support for local music, the arts, and your community by sponsoring a porch, placing an ad in the event program guide or by simply making a donation.

100% OF THE MONEY DONATED GOES TO HELP THE PEOPLE OF ASBURY PARK. Last year the money went to residents affected by Covid and to full musical scholarships to deserving kids in AP. In previous years it went to projects like building public gardens and college scholarships for graduating seniors in need. We partner with groups like Interfaith Neighbors to provide assistance for those in need.

Asbury Park PorchFest is a 501 (c)(4) non-profit organization.



Founded in 1995, the 500 members strong Asbury Park Homeowners Association is a not-for-profit corporation providing resident homeowners with an organized means of gathering together to enhance the quality of life in our City.

We remain politically active, currently taking on the issues that concern us all. From Short Term rentals to Parking, from Bike sharing to Taxes – the APHA is there to the represent home owners interest. We also aim to serve all residents of Asbury Park and so have held food drives, helped clean our parks, and now are bringing you Porchfest.

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Founder and Organizer Jordan Modell


Founder & Organizer

Band Coordinator Dave Vargo


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In this crazy new normal and time of COVID-19, we're committed to hosting another safe and fun music event. We will adhere to all current COVID protocols on the day of PorchFest and will update this page with specifics as we get closer to the event.

Covid rules change all the time. Please check the New Jersey COVID-19 Information hub or call 211.


Is PorchFest walkable?
Yes - Asbury Park is very walkable! You can walk, ride bikes or scooters, and push strollers as you move from one porch to another. While you can bring your WELL-BEHAVED dog, we don't recommend it because you will be responsible for your dog's actions. Some dogs get nervous around crowds and loud music. We wouldn't want a dog bite or fight ruining everyone's day!

What should I bring with me? What should I leave at home?
Bring your own folding chair, water, and an umbrella just in case we get sprinkles or to block the sun. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes!

Eating and drinking?
Attendees are welcome to bring water and we will highlight food vendors near the event as we get closer.

Do the artists get paid?
No – actually we are all volunteers. All planning and participation is done on a volunteer basis. Admission is FREE and open to the entire community. Performers are also free to sell their cd’s and other merchandise at the event. Donations are taken to help Asbury Park Homeowner's Association.

Are you closing the streets during this event?
Currently there are no plans for street closures.

Will there be bathrooms?
PorchFest host homes are not obligated to provide any facilities.

Is there a rain date?
Yes, but let's hope we don't need it. Should we be rained out we will move the fun to Saturday, October 9, 2021.

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