Ian Bamberger

510 1st Ave.

Ian Bamberger's debut EP Those Girls was released back in 2013. Upon completing his first solo project, Ian had a realization - music was something he had to do. It was Ian's vision to create something modern and new that was reminiscent of the hard-hitting Rock n' Roll bands of the 70's and 80's.

Ian's first CD, Those Girls, was a five-song EP full of catchy solos, memorable riffs, and melodic choruses. Around this time, good fortune knocked (thank you Jon Leidersdorff) on the door of Ian's basement rehearsal studio. Dr. Bill Grillo figured he'd spend an hour or so going over a few songs; instead, Bill and Ian jammed all night. It was an instant connection! That same instant connection was to be repeated in early 2014 when Adam Gerver joined the band on bass. This is when Ian and his band's sound started coming into its own. The group began playing shows throughout the tri-city area.

Ian has garnered a reputation for his fresh and compelling live performances. Additionally Bamberger counts among his influences Duane Allmon, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Jack White, and John Mayer.

Less than a year after the release of Those Girls, Bamberger went back into the studio to record his next EP, Welcome To Movin'. The record was a step forward from Those Girls, revealing his ability to span several genres of rock. From the blistering intro Funk track "LA 2 DC" to the jazzy acoustic groove "Taxi Driver", Movin' showcases Ian and his band's subtlety, power, and diversity.

Following Those Girls and Welcome to Movin', Bamberger released his first full length album, Satisfied. The album features two singles: "Love Roulette" and "Dance to the Music". In December of 2018, Ian released his third EP, Til the Morning Comes. The following year Ian released his latest EP, Come With Me. His most recent release is the sultry tune "Sweet Surrender", out everywhere now.

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