Patrick Bamburak


Patrick Bamburak

Patrick Bamburak is a veteran recording artist, touring musician, songwriter, producer, actor and radio personality.

He recently released his second full-length solo album Digital on API Records, which is available on iTunes/Apple Music and Amazon. Patrick released his first solo album Open Your Eyes in 2018. In 2022, Patrick released his single “What Other Reason,” which is a cover of a Johnny Hates Jazz track, originally released on their chart-topping 1988 album, Turn Back the Clock. Patrick, along with his son Jason, have a cameo appearance in the music video “Spirit of Love” by Johnny Hates Jazz, which was released in 2020.

Patrick is well-known as a founding member of the late-1980’s indie-rock band bait-oven, (pronounced “Beethoven” – a pun on the composer’s name,) and the adult-contemporary band Funhaus.

Patrick is an on-air radio personality, hosting Patrick Bamburak’s Night Music, which broadcasts Saturdays, from 10pm to Midnight Eastern, on NEWHD New York Streaming Radio, Patrick also produces and hosts numerous interview programs published by NEWHD Media including Patrick Bamburak’s Night Music, Zach Martin Rocks!, and Indie Café 2wo. Patrick hosted his Night Music program on terrestrial radio station KKDJ 105.9 FM Fresno, CA, in 2020 and was a regular performer on The Teddy Smith Show, on WPAT 930AM Radio, New York, NY, from 2016-2019.

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