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Keith  Monacchio

In September 2008, Keith Monacchio, formally of the bands The Commons and The Semibeings officially launched a standalone career.
The Long Evening, his first solo record, was released in 2010 to stellar reviews and the album ended up on several year-end "Best Of" lists. Not only did it come in at number 12 in the best release of the decade" in Gary Wien's book, Are You Listening-The Top 100 Albums of 2001-2010 from New Jersey Artists, but it was also praised by established music writers such as Jim Testa from Jersey Beat. Jim says, "Like a good book, Keith Monacchio's songs drag you into his world and introduce you to unforgettable characters, however gray and unwelcoming that world may seem."

How latest record released fall/2021 is called "Under a Nightlight Sky".

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